I'm really close to where you are at, Philip.  On my touring bike, I'm 
currently running 44/28 with a 12-30, but I'm converting to a mountain rear 
der so I can swap back and forth between an 11-32 and an 11-36.  I'll move 
the 12-30 and the road derailer over to a roadier bike.  

44x11 will be plenty for top end, and 28x36 ought to be low enough for the 
kinds of loaded touring I intend to do.  If that turns out not to be the 
case, I might drop to 42/26.  16-teeth of spread is the max that I ever do. 
 Even that is a humongous jump, requiring lots of double shifting.  The 
20-tooth jump that the OP recommends is further than I'm willing to go, but 
I like the general concept, and the assertion that you can do everything 
you need to do with 2 rings, if you are willing to work with it.  

Bill Lindsay
El Cerrito, CA

On Friday, September 16, 2016 at 11:58:29 AM UTC-7, Philip Kim wrote:
> 10 speed works fine for me. 
> running 40/26, 11-34 right now, its pretty sufficient. once things wear 
> out, gonna go 44/26 and 11-40 for extended climbing with load, while 
> getting more on the top end. i like the power ratchet shifting on the 
> silver shifters, but the plastic washer broke on me after a year of 
> commuting use. i'm not the only one. for the same price, i'd rather get 
> shimano bar ends. currently run microshift 10 spd mtb bar ends on 
> gevenalles - index as well as shimano, but friction shifting is not as 
> smooth and a bit stiff.

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