What I learned when I went to order some buttery red hetres from a lbs last 
month, and this may be nothing new to you, but was new to me, was that the 
color is being discontinued; gb will continue to make the black and cream, 
as I understand.

Thanks to a list-member who had some of the used 650b reds, we did a trade, 
and now I'm riding 'em.  They went on the rims mercifully easily.  And 
thanks to another list-member who was doing a rash of recent tire-pressure 
number-crunching, i've dialed in about a 35-40 psi, which has served me 
well for cushy/fun commuting and weekend rides.  

6 years into biking/Riv ownership, I'd never given much thought to tire 
pressure, and had never been on tires this wide.  Incidentally, I stripped 
the racks and fenders/lights that I've had set up for the last 5 years when 
I changed the tires, just to see how'd it feel. 

I like the red heaters 
and would love to track down some more--any thoughts on where to go?  Why I 
have to be partial to the red all of sudden--no idea.  What can I 
say--they've put some wind in my sails after not-biking much for at least a 
year or two.



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