I love how much great feedback we receive from this group.  Those POC 
helmets are really nice.  I saw someone had one on the train and it was a 
great design.  I also liked the Bell Zepher and Giro Aspect helmets, too.   
Almost pulled the trigger on one of those but, alas, going from free to 
$150-300 was a little hard for me to grasp this time around (and, I 
probably would have needed to wear it when letting my wife know how much it 
cost).  Bell's designs are very nice but looked huge on me.  Giro, as 
usual, were a nice comfortable fit.  As Will said, they often go on sale. 
 One of my favorite helmets in the past was a Giro Hex.  Tried them this 
time and ended up going with a Giro Xar in hi-vis yellow/green.  Typical 
basic zoomy-looking helmet but it was very comfortable and under $50 on 
sale.  Guess I'll have another 5-10 years to work up to a POC or Zepher.  I 
also like supporting Bell and Giro since several of my past students design 
for them (Specialized, too).  

Also, I tried washing that grungy Specialized in the dishwasher.  Still 
pretty grungy but I think the dirt and grime is now sanitized.  Keeping it 
around as a loaner and back up.  

Thanks for all the feedback everyone.  

On Saturday, September 10, 2016 at 9:06:41 PM UTC-7, Surlyprof wrote:
> I've been using a helmet that the designers at Specialized gave me several 
> years ago.  It's a nice helmet but it's getting pretty grungy and probably 
> needs to be replaced.  Having only spent about $50 or $60 on helmets in the 
> past 20 years, I figured it's time to pony up for a new helmet.  As I 
> started to search I was amazed at (1) the range of helmets I'd never seen; 
> (2) some of the new innovations that are coming out and; (3) some of the 
> prices that helmets are hitting these days.  I may just try to ping on 
> friends in the industry for another freebie but I use it so often, I may 
> actually get picky and open the wallet for this one. I'm not looking to 
> start a pro-helmet/anti-helmet debate, just looking for insights from those 
> who use 'em.  What are people liking out there and why?  I'd love to hear 
> everyone's latest thoughts on helmets.
> BTW... I did go down the "folding helmet rabbit hole" when I was 
> searching.  Some crazy new things coming out.  
> http://www.treehugger.com/bikes/dash-and-stash-stash-folding-bike-helmet.html
> http://www.morpherhelmet.com/
> https://store.moma.org/museum/moma/ProductDisplay_Fuga-Foldable-Helmet_10451_10001_227971_-1_26715_11506_221954?gclid=CIC3h9Szhs8CFY9bfgodLwoAkg
> http://www.backcountrygear.com/madillo.html?gclid=CPD56pq0hs8CFQtnfgodRS4JwA
> https://www.amazon.com/Overade-Foldable-Folding-Bicycle-Helmet/dp/B00TA4TF4E
> http://www.thinkbiologic.com/products/pango-folding-helmet
> ...and my wife found this one: http://www.ecohelmet.com/
> John “Not wearing a paper helmet anytime soon”

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