I dont think anybody suggested this yet but if, and ONLY if, one of the Clem 
Smith Jr. frames fit you well, that could be a best of both worlds option.  It 
has the longer top tube similar to the hunq. (better for flat or swept back bar 
options, less toe overlap issues if riding on trails or slow speeds, and more 
confident steep, rough descents because endos are less likely), with long 
chainstays like the joe (stability, comfort, better climbing on smooth - as 
opposed to rough or technical - trails).

Best of all, it has the same or even better tire clearance than the hunq. That 
(plus the fact that i had one on order from the overlapping anouncement and 
presale) is what is important to me and kept me from buying a joe when THEY 
were announced. I really like the ability to use a 2.3 to 2.5" tire AND 
fenders, and don't see a downside to them.  I think the joe could fit without 
fenders but would be really tight even then.

I really like the long chainstays, but part of that may be because i have many 
bikes at the opposite extreme, and enjoy the variety.  I wouldn't call the clem 
"spirited," but it is shockingly fast compared to what you would expect.  Kind 
of like a speed skate compared to a hockey skate, with the long front AND long 
rear, all effort seems to be translated to forward motion.  Standing and 
rocking the bike in a sprint feels a bit awkward and doesn't really work, but 
that's the only time i wish it felt quicker or more "spirited," and that may be 
a bit of a false sacrifice anyway.

The recent newsletter seemed to suggest (without offering explanation), that 
production of the clems is coming to an end, in case that is a motivator.

All that said, I'm planning on trading my clem for a hunquapillar as soon as i 
can afford it.  As Garth said, your absolute #1 criteria should be fit, and it 
will trump (gotta find a replacement term here... supercede? override?) all 
other details or deficiencies if you get a good one.  I happen to fall squarely 
between sizes on both the clem snd joe (along with most newer riv models), and 
everything is a compromise.  However - at least at this moment in time - the 
Hunq is offered in many sizes, just like the older models were, one of which 
should fit anyone very well.  Also, the 2017 size additions have slightly 
longer chainstays than the older ones.  FWIW.

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