My riding sounds very similar to yours.  I do it all on a 56 
canti-Hillborne which I think is great for the roads and lighter trails, 
but becomes less desirable as things get rough and technical.  Part of that 
is the lighter, more flexible build (country bike vs mountain bike), part 
of it is due to the lower bottom bracket and part of it is due to the wheel 
size (for me).  Ever since I tried out a 650b Clem at Riv HQ, I felt that 
650b is the perfect wheel size for someone of my size.  I am 5'10", 165# 
and 86 pbh.  Something about 650b felt like the perfect blend of stable and 
nimble.  The 700c wheels on the Hillborne feel great on the road but feel a 
little cumbersome on trails.  Additionally, I used to ride 26" wheeled MTBs 
and always found them to be a little twitchy.  With all this in mind, I 
have convinced myself that a 650b Hunq would be my dream bike (although I'd 
be hard pressed to ever let my Hillborne go).  For me, that would be the 
decisive issue.  Although the Appaloosa rode like a dream, the Hunq can be 
had in 650b.  The 56cm demo at Riv HQ right is drool-worthy!

Either way, you can't go wrong.  Both great bikes.

On Friday, August 4, 2017 at 12:05:02 PM UTC-7, Michele wrote:
> Thanks Patrick and others for the feedback -- it's enormously 
> helpful! Right now my riding is mostly paved and dirt trails with some big 
> hills and occasional rougher trails mixed in, but over time that may change 
> to add some commuting and light touring. I definitely want the option of 
> larger tires for comfort and some off road capability, but I also want the 
> bike to feel fun and spirited. 
> On Tuesday, August 1, 2017 at 11:11:53 AM UTC-7, Deacon Patrick wrote:
>> What type of riding do you do? In general, because of the cost and wait 
>> time deltas you mention, the Appaloosa would be my default, with the sole 
>> exception of if you are going to do a LOT of single track and/or 
>> bikepacking on single track, where the beefier frame and slightly shorter 
>> chain stays shine. I have a Hunqapillar and essentially everything I can do 
>> on it I believe I could do on the Appaloosa equally well (and perhaps 
>> better for a large chunk because of the longer chain stays. I ride unloaded 
>> and loaded on paved, dirt, and single track and love it.
>> In essence, you can only go right with either choice!
>> With abandon,
>> Patrick
>> On Tuesday, August 1, 2017 at 11:56:36 AM UTC-6, Michele wrote:
>>> Trying to decide between the Hunqapillar and the Appaloosa, and I'd love 
>>> some insights from current owners. Obviously, the Hunq is more expensive 
>>> and has a longer wait time, but functionally, where does each frame shine? 
>>> What would make you choose one over the other?

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