I like to think I can get torque slightly more easily with the 175s on my
Matthews, but really, what I feel is that they are slightly harder to spin
compared to the 170s I use on everything else. I certainly couldn't tell a
difference when I briefly used 172.5s on a Ram. There are so many variables
between the other bikes and the Matthews, starting with Q and including
wheel weight and diameter, overall bike weight, and tire width, that it's
really a guess to say this, but just perhaps it is easier to push a given
gear in given conditions at low to moderate cadences with the longer cranks
-- I seem find myself pushing a 68 to 72" gear on the Matthews, on
pavement, surprisingly easily given the weight of the wheels and the bike
compared to the others -- but again, it's just a guess. But it's a guess
that will have me staying with 175s for off road.

I've never used 165s.

> On Saturday, February 3, 2018 at 3:33:36 PM UTC-6, Deacon Patrick wrote:
>> Both my Hunqapillar and Quickbeam have 175mm crank arms. Pedal strikes
>> have been a non-issue on the roads, but I’ve had a few, slow and
>> inconsequential, strikes on the trails. Those of you with experience (not
>> speculation, but actual riding experience): could you please help me
>> understand the effect of crank arm length in fixed gear riding on:
>> — decreased leverage of a shorter arm. Is this a real-world, material
>> effect, or inconsequential. Put another way, if I go with 170 or 165mm
>> crank arms, am I going to need to go with a 42t instead of 44t chainring?
>> Or is the difference slight and inconsequential compared with increased
>> pedal clearence?

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