It all depends on the length of the stays, the length of the dropouts, the
size of the tires, and whether or not you use a rear derailleur. All else
equal, of course, with a rear derailleur, forward facing dropouts make
wheel removal easier. One can argue that forward dropouts allow easier
removal of ss wheels, too, all else equal, since as you remove the wheel
you are loosening the chain, not tightening it, and you don't have to first
remove the chain from the cog.

On my Matthews and on the Fargo it replaced, it's easy to remove 60 mm
tires with derailleur and fender from the forward dropouts, but that's
because the bikes were designed to allow this -- easier than removing

On Mon, Feb 12, 2018 at 2:55 PM, Justin, Oakland <>

> I definitely think that rear-facing track ends allow easier removal and
> installation of fat rubber. In fact I can't see a way in which that isn't
> the case unless one is referring to the process with fenders.Which changes
> the equation.
> -J

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