I would go smaller if running drops. I was in between sizes in 2009, got 
the larger frame (60cm) and wished I'd gotten the smaller (56) because the 
top tube was so long. Even with a short 7 cm stem, it was too long for me, 
although standover was adequate. 7 years later, I got a smaller Sam (58cm) 
and it's perfect. Mind you, this is for a rider who rides with drop bars 
below saddle level. i still prefer the short stem. My legs are long 
relative to my torso.

On Saturday, February 17, 2018 at 7:36:11 PM UTC-8, Scott McLain wrote:
> I similar measurements to you 5-11, 87cm inseam.  I ride a size 58 LHT and 
> a size 59 Riv AHH.  I would go with the smaller sam if I intended to run 
> drop bars.  It’s reach is very similar to the 58 LHT and 59 AHH. 
> If you are going upright bars, you can go either way.  A bosco bar will 
> eat up lots of top tube.  There was a great pic on this list of a 60 chev 
> with a slammed boscomoose! Not sure I would do that with a Sam but just 
> sayin you could. 
> I would trust the Riv guys if I was buying new. 
> What color, now that is a really hard question! 
> Good Luck! 
> Scott 

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