So, I've reasoned with myself to a N = 3 equation. One bike on the trainer, 
one bike to commute on, one bike for weekend riding. Who wants to mess with 
fenders and dirt when swapping wheels constantly or moving the bike on/off 
the trainer?.. Patrick's reasoning for having at least two bikes, in case 
one needs repairs is something I've certainly dealt with, when I wasn't 
able to drive. 

Get the Joe Appa – with your proportions requiring a 55 seat tube but a 57 
top tube, it seems you could do really well setting up that bike with drop 
or dirt drop bars. And if you set it up with flats / bullmoose / jones / 
swept back bars, you can move the seat further back without detriment – 
very long chainstays will help maintain good balance. Plus, you can set it 
up with whatever tires you want, for an easy grab-n-go. 

(If I get off my duff to declutter my bike parts and bikes, I just might 
get something like that – the "paved" and gravel roads around here aren't 
getting any better. The only question is about sizing – I prefer drop bars 
on my bikes, but tend to need shorter TTs, so we'll see.) 

- Max in A2

On Thursday, February 22, 2018 at 1:38:16 PM UTC-5, Tim Butterfield wrote:
> There have been some great ideas, some I had not even thought of.  Thanks 
> for the feedback.
> I do have a Wahoo Kickr, but the Snap variation instead.  I got the Snap 
> because I wasn't sure the Kicker cassette would work with the 9-speed 
> crank/chain I'm using.  The Snap seemed a safer gamble.  So, that's the 
> trainer the Homer is on.
> The second rear wheel idea is a really good one.  It would have the least 
> storage impact.  And, while the Homer is on the trainer, it is using a 
> quick release axle instead of the PitLock it normally uses.  The brakes are 
> Paul centerpulls, which loosen enough to squeeze the tire through.  So, 
> I've got a few minutes on each end for the wheel swap and another few 
> minutes on each end just to get the the bike in and out of the RV.  It's 
> tight in here.  It would certainly be faster to swap just the wheel 
> instead of swapping the tire also.   It seems there are a couple of down 
> sides to this approach.  I would have to roll the (possibly) wet tires 
> through the RV living room before I used gloves to swap the rear wheel.  
> That could be a little messy.  As tight as the RV is, there isn't really a 
> good way to carry it up the steps and around corners (over carpet) in order 
> to only set it down near the trainer.  I don't have a dry outside area in 
> which to do this work.  And, it isn't really the grab and go convenience I 
> would prefer.  Thus, I'm still leaning towards a +1 approach.
> I don't think a Cheviot will work for me.  I'm not sure about the mixte 
> style, but the sizing doesn't work well.  I'm 5'10" with an 83.8 PBH.  
> According to the page, my PBH fits the 55cm while my 'typical rider height' 
> fits the 60cm.  Neither fit within the same size frame.
> My Homer was my dream bike and what I ended up with when getting my first 
> bike after starting to full-time in the RV; not relocating a lot these 
> days, though.  My Homer stays inside the RV, well protected, even in 
> summer.  That's where it lives.  A +1 bike will be an outside bike, locked 
> under a cover.  It's tight enough living with one bike an the RV living 
> room.  Two would be impossible.  But, being outside will make it even more 
> convenient for a grab and go ride.  The Sam was a recommendation when I 
> first got my Homer, being similar to the Homer, but lower cost.  I have the 
> front and rear racks on the Homer, but have not really used it for a 
> grocery bike yet.  That seems an appealing secondary use of a +1.  I could 
> move my racks to the +1 and get a Compass CP-1 front rack to hold the dyno 
> light on the Homer along with a front bag and use a KlickFix mount saddle 
> bag if needed.  I can use my weather resistant Cambrium saddle for the +1 
> and get a nice Berthoud for the Homer.  That keeps my Homer as the gofast 
> bike and for any longer rides I can work up to.  The +1 can be non-gofast, 
> shorter ride focused.  That would probably exclude the Roadin.  Though it 
> could certainly do this, I'm not sure it's best for it.  I don't see a Sam 
> available in my size, unless I wait for used or a new order to come in.  
> So, if I want it sooner, I'm probably down to either the silver 55 Joe 
> Appaloosa (maybe loaded, not touring use; yay, different color) or the 
> Frank Jones Sr.  Unfortunately, the 55 FJSr is gone, but the 57 still fits, 
> though I'm tight to the low end of the PBH range.
> Tim

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