I have smooth 60mm Honjos and do really like them, although I am conscience 
about the rumored fender collapse when I ride on trails, which isn't often 
enough to come up with a different system to ease said conscience.

However, every ride takes me through our grassy, leafy, occasionally stick 
littered lawn out in the country.  When dry leaves or grasses get picked up 
in the fender, I have a low rubber mud flap that scoop them up, I can 
definitely hear it scraping around.  Not being worried about a few leaves 
or dead grass collapsing the fenders, I ride on and fix it when I get to my 

I have about 20mm of fender clearance and run slicks.  Rarely do I hear 
rocks shooting through, even when riding on wet or dry gravel roads.  Water 
sloshing around in my metal water bottle bugs me far more than the fenders 

I have thought about doing some elegant form of combining this guy's 
fenders (Post #8 & 10 
<http://forums.mtbr.com/general-discussion/diy-fenders-372158.html>) with 
chopped Honjos in places where I am not fearful of fenders collapsing 
(attached to a light tab on the rear rack and down to the chain stay; in 
front of the fork crown to just beyond the front rack), with heaps of 
clearance for knobbies and mud/snow.  But for the riding I do now I am 
happy with what I have.


On Sunday, April 8, 2018 at 5:59:42 PM UTC-5, Deacon Patrick wrote:
> I’m contemplating hammered Honjo Fenders on my Quickbeam for all the wet 
> and slop, but, as my periodic fender posts attest, fender noise, heartiness 
> for my trail riding, and challenges with knobbies make the entire equation 
> iffy, which is why I’ve avoided the $132 expenditure trying everything else 
> first. 
> Thoughts from folks riding Honjo fenders on rough stuff and/or with 
> knobbies on how hearty and quiet and sturdy they are, especially in 
> comparison to SKS plastic? 
> With abandon, 
> Patrick 
> www.CredoFamily.org 
> www.MindYourHeadCoop.org

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