and of course that is exactly the credit I give for mine having zero 
tinniness.  They've been shaped between two bikes, so they don't have any 
external pull on them anywhere - so non-stressed, if I release the 
set-screws on the stays, they don't move - 
the most solid mountings I can give them, vibration damping every place I 
can place it  

<> <>  

maybe the flutes in my fenders are the difference - you tap them even with 
a metal object, and they go whump

On Tuesday, April 10, 2018 at 3:26:01 PM UTC-5, Lum Gim Fong wrote:
> Mine are Honjo H50 Hammered Aluminum.
> They have a tinny, brittle sound to them upon fingernail tapping, and also 
> the bike noises sound bright and tinny resonating thru them, even with all 
> the solid recommended connections and painstakingly in-built-stress-free 
> mounting.

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