The Legolas name is owned by the family of the author of Lord of the 
Rings.  They don't allow Rivendell to promote bikes with names taken from 
LotR.  That's part of the reason you don't see Legolas, Bombadil or 
Quickbeam anywhere prominent in Riv communication.  

This bike was not replaced in the Riv lineup.  The Legolas is a pure 
cyclocross racing bike.  There is no cyclocross racing bike in the normal 
Rivendell lineup.  I think of this bike as being Mark A's bike.  Mark A is 
a cyclocross racer, and this is his bike, in my mind.  Mark was really 
happy that I got one, and that I'm going to use it for stripped down short 
fast dirt rides, like a cyclocross race.  It could be a gravel racer as 
well, but it's a race bike.  It is not an all rounder.  It is not a country 
bike.  It is not a touring bike.  It's a racing bike.  


On Thursday, April 12, 2018 at 8:10:53 AM UTC-7, tc wrote:
> Gosh that’s nice. I’m unfamiliar with the history of why Legolas was 
> discontinued, and what Grant replaced it with. It “seems” like a 
> level-tubed lighter weight Sam ... or perhaps a beefier/wider forked 
> Roadini. 
> In any case, I’m enlightened and jealous! 
> Tom

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