Really nice Bill. I dig the color choice too. Will look forward to the full 
build and the reports from the kinds of rides you get up to on this Legolas.

I like Romans color too. And the mixed Neo Retros on his. I never thought 
of doing that, but I will now! Another thing I am noticing on Romans is 
that he has attached something that looks like a cable adjuster to the 
release connector on his front Neo Retro. That is a great idea: to attach 
some kind of handle there that facilitates pulling that release out. I 
carry pliers with me for that purpose. I love my Neo Retros on my 
Appaloosa, but releasing them can be a pain. I'm going to try something 
like that. I wonder if he spot welded that on there or just glued it with 
Gorilla glue or something. I may contact him, but thought you might know.

Enjoy the build!

Bill in Westchester, NY

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