Matt, that's beautiful and looks like lots of fun!  I have the exact same bag 
setup on my Ram.  I still think of mine as too precious to ride in the dirt, 
but I probably need to get over that.

On another note, I love them but I'm always a bit awe struck, conflicted and 
envious when I see photos and hear stories about all the great trails in CA - 
whether there, walnut creek or elsewhere.  

I was born in SF in the 60s and lived in Mill Valley through 1st or 2nd grade, 
then moved to the Santa Monica mountains for a few years until my parents 
finally settled us in Wyoming in the mid 70s... to get away from the crowds and 
be able to enjoy the wilderness in solitude. Ive stayed here and/or in Montana 
since, largely for the intent of giving my kids the same opportunities. 

But the reality is funny. Now here it is mid May on a typical year, and we're 
still a month and a half away from the snow melting enough to be able to enjoy 
most of the local trails like you already are.  By mid october, they'll be 
buried again.  And its gotten so crowded during those 5 months in between.  
Sometimes I think we should have stayed in CA.  

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