Thanks for all the comments!  Buying new they have stated that if I get it 
and don't like it I am able to send it back for the cost of freight.  Which 
is why I'm going to go ahead with the tandem.    

I'm not ready to dump my fleet of Rivendel's but am / have changed my goals 
-  in retirement I've been driving over the road tour buses, an bike friday 
might be a good fit since it doesn't need to be boxed just folded for the 
trip - the tandem the same thing..  for flights they say to plan an hour to 
box etc. 

The ride will be the telling story... I' not about speed anymore nor super 
long distance.. if it's comfortable for 50 ish miles then I'm golden for 
the tandem.  

In the early phases...  my wife doesn't ride the roadeo anymore - her go to 
bike is the Betty Foy -  I am still in love with both my Bombadil and AHH. 
 So even though I might part with the Bombadil nobody would pay the price 
it would take for me to let it go (I don't think)

I am making sure there are no one way trips down a rat hole with no way 
out.. :)


On Thursday, May 17, 2018 at 4:45:40 PM UTC-5, Kelly wrote:
> I’m looking at a bike Friday tandem and a bike Friday world tour for me.   
> Anyone have any experience with either 
> I don’t have the post ready yet but am considering selling 
> 61cm roadeo in new condition 
> 64 cm bombadil.   
> Mind isn’t made up yet just thinking about it.   
> Kelly 
> 314-799-4743

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