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>Here's what I hope is a quick question.  Say you're cataloging an exhibition=
>n catalog that is legitimately entered under corporate body--e.g., a museum=
>.  The museum put on the exhibit, published the catalog and owns all the ar=
>t involved.  What is the appropriate relationship designator for the 100 fo=
>r the museum?
Most exhibition catalogues of a single artist are entered under artist.
We use $eartist.

In the rare instance of an exhibition catalogue entered under the
museum (which would be 110 not 100), we use $ehost institution in the
absence of anything really appropriate.  Another possibility is
$eissuing body.

We only use $eauthor for persons.  At an IFLA meet, an European
cataloguer sniffed at me and said "corporate bodies don't write books,
people do".  There is a certain truth to that.

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