Adam said:

>... if the relationship is one of authorship (writing a textual 
>document) then you should use the designator "author" that is defined for 
>that specific purpose.

I doubt most patrons think of corporate bodies or families as "writing
a textual document".  People write, not corporate bodies or families.

We do our patrons no favours by redefining words to mean what most do
not understand them to mean.

I don't like "corporate author" any more than do you, so approve of
your suggestion to use $ecreator when a corporate body is in 110,
perhaps #econtributor when in 710, unless some other relationship
applies such as $eissuing body, $ehost institution?

It would help to have the category names in the relator lists, if we
are to use them in that way.  Or perhaps the text of this and other
LCPCCPS should be incorporated into RDA?

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