Many thanks.  That validates much of what I was thinking.    We may create a
serial record for it if/when the next report is received, but at this point
it is quicker to use this record.

These are edits that we will make locally.  I'm reticent to edit this record
that dramatically.  There is some interesting use of designators.  I don't
know that I can find |e witness on any list. 

Patricia Fogler
Chief, Cataloging Section  (AUL/LTSC)
Muir S. Fairchild Research Information Center 
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If the combination of author + title is identical to another work then a 240

would be needed to differentiate this work from others.  Typically only a 
year is used, not year month date.  You only break the conflict when there 
already is one, not when you expect/suspect there will be one.  I'm wonder 
why you don't just catalog it as a serial though, in which case there won't 
be a conflict.  Also, you don't know for sure that Trimble will be the 
creator of each of the quarterly reports.

Adam Schiff
University of Washington Libraries

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I'm trying to explain the use of a 240 uniform title in a bibliographic 
record clearly to my staff.   I have a tenuous grasp on uniform titles and 
welcome any direction to specific training in depth about the choices of 
MARC tags in different situations.

I understand that the title in question "Nuclear weapons : ‡b factors 
leading to cost increases with the uranium processing facility" 
(OCLC863158972 for those with access) is the first of a predicted quarterly 
report.  Is it disingenuous to ask whether it was appropriate to create this

240 in the record for the first of the series when RDA LC-PCC PS for says under General:  "Do not predict a conflict".

My understanding is that one waited until the 2nd report (the conflict) 
appeared in order to make the uniform title in this situation.  Or 
alternatively; create a serial record.

Can someone clarify?
Many thanks.

Patricia Fogler
Chief, Cataloging Section  (AUL/LTSC)
Muir S. Fairchild Research Information Center
DSN 493-2135   Comm (334) 953-2135


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