Hi Dave,

I have given this type of class to the Southern VT Fire Academy for the past 
couple of years, combining classroom powepoint and example labels, racking and 
modules with field trips to several  PV installations in the Rutland area.
I have been told that fire departments do not pull utility meters, they call 
GMP and a utility worker responds and handles that.
Don't forget to cover SHW and other solar based obstacles and gizmos they may 
be exposed to on a rooftop-no one else is exposing them to these systems either.
Also, lithium batteries are more common in motor vehicles today, and they 
probably already have some training in that regard.
Good luck!

Glenn Burt

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I will be presenting a class on "Solar Home Fire Fighter Safety" to our
local volunteer fire department this coming weekend. I will tour them around
my off grid neighborhood so that we can review various PV, micro-hydro,
different inverters and battery systems, various back-up generators -
diesel, LP gas, tractor PTO as well as standard gasoline generators. Then we
will visit  a 7 year old 5kW net-metered PV system on a 75 year old home (no
battery back-up).


.         I'm sure that there will be questions about Tesla Power Wall
battery packs as Green Mountain Power is selling and leasing these in
Vermont. I have no experience with Lithium Ion batteries at this point and I
could use some advice for the fire fighters.

.         Would you be more, less, or equally concerned entering a home with
back-up Li batteries vs AGM's vs Standard LA's?

.         There are some 500kW and larger solar farms going in locally
recently. Anything that fire fighters need to know about these fenced in
power generators? Say, vs utility sub-stations that they may be familiar


Thoughts on pulling utility meters to disconnect power from homes that have
a fire on the premises? Arc flash back is a real issue and these volunteer
squads are not going to have full flashback protection. What are the odds of
serious injury of pulling a meter to disable utility electricity to a home
on fire? Many times there is no other way to quickly disconnect a home from
utility power. 


As a side note, Vermont does not require licensed electricians for
residential work and only a couple of municipalities require inspections. It
can be a little scary, but always interesting.


Are there any good You Tube videos on fire fighter safety and homes with
solar electric systems that you recommend?


Thanks for your time,


David Palumbo 

Independent Power LLC

462 Solar Way Drive

Hyde Park, VT 05655

802-371-8678 cell

802-888-4917 home



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