Hi Dave,

These are some great questions you're asking, and you've prompted some 
interesting responses. I've been partnered up with a career firefighter for the 
past 2yrs teaching this subject, and have a few thoughts for you:

Review the NFPA's recommended best practices for interactions with PV, you can 
find that free training here 

The training is based on this research: 

That will get you headed in the right direction. As my colleague says, you can 
still "Put the wet stuff on the red stuff" but you need to understand the rules 
you're playing by.  This study does address how arrays may be de-energized, 
you'll notice that foam does not work and should not be used.

You'll likely find the level of understanding on Li-Ion technology is woefully 
lacking, even amongst PV industry professionals. If you're going to tackle the 
subject, I recommend doing a little research on the types of construction and 
chemistries used. Too often folks lead their presentations with exploding 
hoverboards or stories about the FAA ban. In reality these are apples to 
oranges comparisons. For the Powerwall specifically, they have published an 
Emergency Response Guide that is publically available. They have also released 
results of a burn-test study that is very informative.

There are a few YouTube videos floating around as well. Captain Matt Paiss has 
some publicly available, and recently collaborated with the IAFF and IREC to 
create some online training content that looks very good.

Feel free to contact me directly with any questions.

Charles Picard
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