I am trying to recall exactly to what sellers and installers were obligated 
under the CSI. And was this tied to the rebates for PV modules (which no longer 

- A “3-R” warranty on the first ten years for the PV modules  and then a 
voluntary additional 15-25 year-warrantee (pro-rated), depending on manu.
- A R&R warrantee on the inverters for the first 5 years, and then upped to ten 
years R&R at some point in time (when?)
- A warranty of 10 years on workmanship
- I further remember that the labor associated with the replacement/repair or 
PV modules and inverters was a burden borne by the installer, but in most cases 
there was a cost reimbursement schedule from the manu.

All comments are welcome, and I would especially like to be able to cite 
chapter and verse in the CSI/CPUC documents.

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