I am curious, what brand would you prefer over the Radian that has wiring
cabinet design that is “safe and easy to work on”?

I hope everyone understands I generally like the GSLC and the Radian line.
The Radian BOS available is superior to that of most other brands, the
Sunny Island line, for example, which has no BOS at all.  With some
intelligent design and a few tips and tricks, the Radian can make a very
nice install.


PS:  I am increasingly excited to try the Midnite MNDC15.  Although it has
the same problem with back-wired breakers, it allows one to move all PV
disconnects to a point adjacent to the charge controllers.  This removes
the last breaker froth GSLC other than the inverter breakers.


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Thank you very much for sharing this. Reinforces my avoidance of the
Outback Radian line. Given there are other products on the market that
perform the same functions, with the added bonus of wiring cabinet design
that is actually safe and easy to work on without many hrs of re-design
work, I don't see any advantages to this product line.


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We resolved our web authoring problem and threw together a little page to
illustrate some of the issues we have with the GSLC.  If anyone is
interested, direct your browser to:

I hope the time and effort I put into these web pages is helpful to someone
out there.  I always try to give back to the industry by sharing some of my
trade secrets.



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