Hi Dana

Two thoughts... how many days of autonomy are they quoting?

If nickel Iron were this magical how come nobody has noticed them for the past 
100 years?

Kind regards

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Subject: [RE-wrenches] Battery Watt hours FLA VS Iron Edison Batteries

Good Morning All,

I have a charity case client that needs 760 to 900 AHR at 24 VDC. I have 
installed HUP Solar One Batteries for 20+ years and do not have any experience 
with the Iron Edison battery. My client went to Iron Edison & was told that 360 
AHR at 24 VDC would cover the same AHR as a 760 to 900 AHR in FLA.  I 
understand you can use the IE deeper typically than a FLA.

Math is math to me & how I have sized [successfully for years] Is there 
something I am missing or has my client been misinformed?

Dana Orzel
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