My design philosophy these days matches yours 100%, Allen. Because of cheap
PV, and FLA batteries still stuck in the 1910s. It was a different story
(not too many years ago!) when a good deal on PV was $5 a watt.......

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On Fri, Oct 14, 2016 at 3:55 PM, Allan Sindelar <>

> Dana (and I'm curious if others agree),
> I used to work with 4-5 days of storage, back with modules were expensive
> and batteries were relatively cheap. As in recent years these two have
> reversed - modules are cheap and batteries are dear - my fundamental design
> approach has changed. I now design around 2-3 days of storage with a larger
> array, as long as there's a backup generator in the system. I size to at
> least 100% of the projected winter average daily load.
> The batteries recharge more quickly, including on partly cloudy days
> between storms. They spend more of their time full, thus keeping them
> happier and giving them as much or more life, even with more and deeper
> cycling. FLAs are easier to EQ, given the hotter charge rate. And the
> customer spends less.
> You used to live in SW Colorado, a similar sunny winter climate. Is it the
> same in Idaho where you live now?
> Allan
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