Have a client where I recently installed an Outback VFX3524 inverter in June. 
He’s using a Honda generator and has recently started having issues. He has 
been complaining that the inverter seems to be running hot but I believe this 
is because he doesn’t have good ventilation around it. He is probably also 
running high on the loads. He doesn’t have a Mate so can’t identify the error. 
He is in a remote location and I am currently unable to travel due to fire 
restrictions in my area (major BC wildfires).

Here is his recent email:
-Seems the inverter is recognizing the power in as an issue, and throwing an 
-My existing 5000 Honda generator has been online with the unit since you 
installed it. 
-The last few days, when there is very little load, or the unit goes to float, 
the generator goes into a high rpm.
-My existing 5000 Honda crapped out on me this morning, and holds a low rpm, 
not putting out much power.  Will run a tool, but still won’t hold a higher rpm.
-I borrowed an identical 5000 Honda generator, and it seemed to be doing fine 
for about 1.5 hours. 
-Now it’s doing the same thing as the other generator.  The inverter system 
throws an error, the generator is taken offline, and the generator rpm go up.
-If I manually manipulate the throttle not he generator lower, then the 
inverter re-engages.

What the heck could this be?  I don’t want to fry the borrowed generator, but 
we can’t systematically bypass the inverter, and the house requires the power.

Ron Young
earthRight - Solareagle
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