> > b) Should we really have to insert a backslash in empty lines?
> The use case is when you .. you copy-paste a file's contents into
> the REPL.

a) In practice top-level forms tend to be separated by lines anyway in

b) A smart repl could notice when a line is at the same indent as the
previous expression, and eval the previous form. It might print things in
the wrong place, something like this:

> + 1 2
. 7


Here I've colored* what the computer prints grey to distinguish from what
the programmer types in. So the '+ 1 2' is evaluated after he's already
started typing the next expression (7). I think this is ok.

c) If you paste in several forms into the repl at once, you might need to
type in an extra <Enter> like in the example above (the empty line just
above 7). I think that's acceptable as well.

What do people think?

* - With apologies to those who don't see html formatting in their email.
Please speak up if there's someone like that. I try to avoid html emails --
until there's a genuine need for extra formatting.
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