On 7/19/12, Kartik Agaram <a...@akkartik.com> wrote:
>> "." is just whitespace.
> Ah, of course :/ I'm having trouble holding that in my head.
> Getting rid of periods, I'm still having trouble understanding why the
> second line isn't wrapped in parens in:
> \
>   a
>     b c
> Shouldn't this be ((a (b c)))?

Yes it is.

But what you were asking was this:

  list-of x
    list x

And it's wrong, because it's parsed as:

  (list-of x
    (list x)))

Because what we wanted was:

  (list-of x)
    (list x))

That's why we have SPLIT:

  list-of x
  \ list x

Which does that for you magically.

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