David A. Wheeler scripsit:

> John: I take it that prefixed "%" is a universally-portable indicator
> we can use for "internal" names?

Using % in identifiers is acceptable to all the Schemes I test.  It's
pretty acceptable to Schemers, too.

> > Adapting it to X Scheme's notion of a module should be left to X
> > Scheme experts.
> The notion that you have to be an "X Scheme expert" to merely define
> or use a module is absurdly broken.

I should probably have said "X Scheme users".

> Here's to hoping that R7RS library module notation gets universally
> implemented, and quickly, so that such nonsense can go to the dustbin
> of history.

Well, we can hope, but it isn't very likely.  Mostly, new Scheme
standards are like new scientific theories: the old crowd has to die off
before they are accepted. :-)

> How about cond-expands at the beginning to handle much of the
> shimming,

As of the last time I looked, cond-expand wasn't supported by Racket,
Scheme48/scsh, Larceny, Ypsilon, S7, or Sizzle.

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