I said:
> > At the least, I could put things in different files, and then use "cat"
> > to create files usable to different systems.

On Tue, 26 Nov 2013 14:47:36 +0100, "Jörg F. Wittenberger":
> Not too bad and idea.  While it might not scale to whole programs, it's 
> certainly a valid way to get things done for something the size of a 
> srfi's implementation.

Right.  This thing is small.

I don't see anything good for trivial preprocessing:
* "scmxlate" appears too complex to get going.
* "cpp" is a disaster for Lisp (it wants to parse '...' as character constants)
* "m4" is easy to get wrong, and has too much functionality.

I think I could create a simple "#ifdef ... #elifdef... #else... #endif"
preprocessor in awk (which is in the POSIX standard)
that would do the job.  Then the whole thing could be in one file,
and generate variations for different purposes.  For those Schemes with
cond-expand, we could put them in one file, so we wouldn't have to
generate too many files.

--- David A. Wheeler

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