On Mon, Feb 12, 2018, at 15:29, Hollenbeck, Scott wrote:

> There's been no comment on this document in the month since it was noted 
> on this list. Does anyone have anything to say about the proposed 
> practice?

I have not specifically commented this version, but all my old comments apply 
to it the same way and the previous thread ended with clear positions on both 
side so I do not think there is anything to rehash.

In short,
I am happy if current practice is documented, as such.
(It would however have been great seeing more support from other RDAP server 

I am not happy to have that set as a new standard/recommendation.
(and even less by the ~ character choice, but this is bikeshedding deriving 
from what I think is the core problem: putting structure inside a non 
structured element while all the surroundings being JSON is structured).

  Patrick Mevzek

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