I support it and think it's a good idea.

   Andrew Newton --- Re: [regext] WGLC: draft-ietf-regext-rdap-object-tag --- 
    De:"Andrew Newton" <a...@hxr.us>A:"James Galvin" 
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<regext@ietf.org>Fecha:vie., 13 abr. 2018 17:52Asunto:Re: [regext] WGLC: 
    I support... but I'm also a co-author. :)-andyOn Fri, Apr 13, 2018 at 9:10 
AM, James Galvin <gal...@elistx.com> wrote:> Thanks to James Gould for 
volunteering to be document shepherd!>> Please folks, as Scott says, respond to 
this message and indicate your> support or at least no objection.>> Thanks!>> 
Antoin and Jim>>>>>> On 6 Apr 2018, at 9:59, James Galvin wrote:>>> The 
document editors have indicated that the following document is ready>> for 
submission to the IESG to be considered for publication as a Best>> Current 
Practice:>>>> Registration Data Access Protocol (RDAP) Object Tagging>> 
https://datatracker.ietf.org/doc/draft-ietf-regext-rdap-object-tag/>>>> Please 
indicate your support for the publication of this document.>>>> If any working 
group member objects to the publication of this document>> please respond on 
the list by close of business everywhere, Friday, 20 April>> 2018.  If there 
are no objections the document will be submitted to the>> IESG.>>>> During the 
last call the chairs are looking for a document shepherd for>> this document.  
If you are interested in being the document shepherd please>> let the chairs 
know.  The document editors cannot be the document shepherd.>>>> If you’ve 
never been a document shepherd before don’t worry.  It’s a great>> way to 
understand the IETF process and your chairs would be delighted to>> help you 
through it.>>>> Thanks,>>>> Antoin and Jim>> WG Co-Chairs>>> 
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