On 30 September 2016 at 17:37, Mahdi, Sam <sam.mahdi....@my.csun.edu> wrote:
> Hi Edward,
> I also wanted to add, for running a multi-processor platform problem. I
> installed openmpi from the fedora package list, not from the site itself. I
> installed both openmpi, mpi4py, and the openmpi devel. I did not modify
> anything. I can also successfully open relax using mpirun in a single
> processor mode (as in I can load the module, and do mpirun relax and it'll
> work). Do I actually have to do some modifications to openmpi for relax? The
> other computer I was able to successfully run multi-processor on, already
> had openmpi installed and set up, so I only downloaded mpi4py on that
> computer. So I don't know what their setting or configuration was.

Hi Sam,

This sounds like a Fedora OpenMPI misconfiguration.  I guess on the
computer that you see no output with relax, you would also see no
output with:

[edward@localhost ~]$ mpirun -np 5 echo "hello"
[edward@localhost ~]$

In any case, this has nothing to do with relax.  And without a local
login to your computer, there is not much anyone can do about it.  Do
you have a system administrator there who can help you?  Oh, another
good and quick test is:

[edward@localhost ~]$ mpirun -np 5 /data/relax/tags/4.0.2/relax
--multi="mpi4py" -v
relax 4.0.2
[edward@localhost ~]$

You should only see a single version number printed.  This tests both
your OpenMPI configuration and the mpi4py Python package.  If you do
not see these exact same results, you have some configuration work in
front of you ;)



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