On 30 September 2016 at 19:12, Mahdi, Sam <sam.mahdi....@my.csun.edu> wrote:
> Hi Edward,
> So I ran the the mpirun commands you suggested. The echo world works fine. I
> get the same results you did. For the relax one, this is the output I
> recieved
>  [~/relax-4.0.2]> mpirun -np 5 ./relax --multi="mpi4py" -v relax 4.0.2
> Usage: relax [options] [script_file]
> RelaxError: incorrect number of arguments

Have a close look at my original text:

[edward@localhost ~]$ mpirun -np 5 /data/relax/tags/4.0.2/relax
--multi="mpi4py" -v
relax 4.0.2
[edward@localhost ~]$

Note how "relax 4.0.2" is on a different line - that is the relax
output, not the command line input.  Try again without that text.

> RelaxError: ambiguous option: --v (--verification-tests, --version?)

This is because the double-dash to single-dash conversion is only in
the HTML version of the relax manual, and not emails.  Run "relax -h"
to see a description of this option.

> Also, the reason its ./relax is because I have relax 2.2.5 installed, and I
> have that set up as an Alias, so if I just type relax, it'll open up relax
> 2.2.5. So I went to the actual relax-4.0.2. directory instead of indicating
> its path and just typed ./relax. (By I, I mean the administrator of this
> computer, I do not have root access to this computer).

You should set your alias to the relax-4.0.2 version instead.  The
2.2.5 version is very, very old, and many bugs have been fixed since



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