On Wed, 2 Aug 2017, David Faure wrote:

According to the policy that KF5 should work with the last 3 releases of
Qt5.x, it is time now for upcoming releases of KF5 to drop support for Qt 5.6.

Packagers: is that acceptable?

Normally I would have just gone ahead with applying the policy, but after my
recent finding that even some very recent distributions are still on Qt 5.6
LTS, I just want to make sure.

(On the other hand I guess it's fine in the actual case I know about, given
that the OpenSuSE KDE:Frameworks5 repo is based on Qt 5.9)

I don't see an issue for Slackware. Officially we do not even ship Plasma 5 yet (nor do we ship Qt 5) and my 'unofficial' Plasma 5 package repository is already being built against Qt 5.9.

Cheers, Eric

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