Ian, It sounds like you are building a back-back link?
What type of equipment are you proposing to utilise?
Is your linking site the only one with UHF equipment present?
Is site #2 line of sight and at what particular distance? ... Either way you wont need 25 Watts to link your repeaters, especially with yagis at your link site as you probably will be able to do this on about 1 watt and give you linking site receivers an easier time.
To recap,  What type of back to  back link gear (Especially Rx) are you planning to use?
                How busy is your proposed site?
               Whats the path like between your link site and either repeater?
This can easily be done.
Gareth Bennett
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From: Ian Wells
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Subject: [Repeater-Builder] very close frequencies seperation

 Hi guys .I am trying to receive 473.575mhz from a 25 watt repeater ,line of sight , 50kms away and and retransmitt it on 473.200 at 25 watt on another site.The transmitt antenna is a 6db vertical ,9 meters above ground and the rx antenna is a 6 db uhf beam 1-2 meter above ground ,aimed at the 473.575 site  Is it possible to notch out frequencies going into a receiver that are 275 or 375  khz off a uhf receive signal or is it going to be too close to filter out the TX .
Thank You,
Ian Wells,
Kerinvale Comaudio,
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