Sounds like a bad cable/connector. Are there any adaptors or elbows? They 
could be suspect.


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Subject: [Repeater-Builder] no power out of duplexer

> Hi,
> First, let me say that we are still new to the repeater business and 
> learning as we go. This the first time in 30 ham years that I have been 
> involved with a VHF repeater system.
> Our repeater was working okay at 80 watts out of GE Mastr II and 60 watts 
> out of Duplexer. When I turn the power up to 100 out of radio and 80 out 
> of duplexer it seemed to be working okay.
> But, now a few hours later there is no power coming out of duplexer at 
> all. Radio still shows power coming out.
> Nothing was touch on the duplexer.  Any ideas?
> 73
> John, W3ML

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