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Wolfgang Wiedmeyer <wolf...@wiedmeyer.de> wrote:

> The patches in this patch series get the website ready for a release
> of Replicant 6.0.
- Thanks a lot for all the work on Replicant 6.0!!!
  That work is really important.
  You saved the Replicant project from being obsolete.
- If I take too much time to review the patches, feel free to merge
- Would it also be possible to fix the FSDG compliance by:
  - Making a script to filter out non-fsdg compliant f-droid packages,
    by filtering out packages with anti-features
  - Asking f-droid people to maintain a separate repository for
    Replicant without the packages with anti-features.
  - Asking f-droid people to use that separate repository on Replicant
    (they can probably detect that the Android distribution running is
  This would fix the Replicant FSDG compliance issue, and not get
  Replicant unlisted from the list of fully free (Android)


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