The navigation_File_Out and statistics_Frame_File_Out are always written to the same folder that is defined in -statistics_File_Out. Try using this, I think it should work better:

/usr/share/reportmagic/ \
        /usr/local/etc/apache/rmagic/rmagic.ini \
        -statistics_File_In=/home/site/logs/analog.dat \

And then put this into your rmagic.ini:



-- Jeremy Wadsack Seven Simple Machines

A. Khattri wrote:

This command doesn't appear to work - the output files always appear in
the current directory regardless of the pathname supplied:

/usr/share/reportmagic/ \
        /usr/local/etc/apache/rmagic/rmagic.ini \
        -statistics_File_In=/home/site/logs/analog.dat \
        -statistics_Frame_File_Out=/home/site/html/stats/04-26-05/index.html \

I want to put the output files into a different folder using the date as
the folder name, hence I need to do this from a script and specify output
files from the command-line.

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