If you add


where is it writing files to?

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A. Khattri wrote:

On Mon, 2 May 2005, Jeremy Wadsack wrote:

The navigation_File_Out and statistics_Frame_File_Out are always written
to the same folder that is defined in -statistics_File_Out. Try using
this, I think it should work better:

/usr/share/reportmagic/rmagic.pl \
        /usr/local/etc/apache/rmagic/rmagic.ini \
        -statistics_File_In=/home/site/logs/analog.dat \

And then put this into your rmagic.ini:



Im not having much luck here.

The command-line Im generating looks like this:

/usr/share/reportmagic/rmagic.pl /usr/local/etc/apache/rmagic/conf.ini

And the config file Im using is:

[statistics] #File_In = report.dat Frame_File_Out = index.html Frame_Border = 0

Active_Column = R
Font = Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif
Title_BG_Color = #000000
Title_Font_Color = #FFFFFF
Title_Font = Comic Sans MS, Brush Script, Helvetica, sans-serif
Data_Color_1 = #F0F0F0
Data_Color_2 = #FFFFFF Data_Total_Color = #FFCCCC
Data_Header_Color = #CCCCFF
Data_Font = Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif
# Note how we use a filename here (rather than a directory) to
# tell it to put all reports in a single file.
# (MAC: To use this change to ':onefile:report.html')
File_Out = report.html

Font = Verdana, Arial
File_Out = nav.html

Rows = m, d, h, c

[website] Webmaster = [EMAIL PROTECTED] Base_URL = http://www.example.com Title = My Single File Web Site Report

Thanks for your help,

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