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Hi all,

I'm trying to figure out how to resolve my report readibility issue.
We have an ASP.NET website which uses dynamic URL's for pages (fetched from the db), and using Analog 5.91Beta1 with ReportMagic 2.21 to generate the statistics report.

When generating the report, all seems fine except of the non-friendly entries in the "Request Report" section.
For example, I get the useless link:
Instead of showing the page title:
Newsgroups Lobby

Is there an easy way to show the page title in front of these URLs?

If you have a basic analog.cfg file you can set up a cronjob to read once a day from your database table and use php's 'fwrite' to append the aliases to the file - assuming you have the page title (or something friendly) in the DB.

There is an Analog Crawler tool that I wrote to do this kind of thing. It will retrieve all the web page titles on your site (for non-form-driven links) and build an Analog config file to include in your processing. There have been mixed results with it -- it requires a basic knowledge of Unix-like command-line tools and requires perl. Comments are appreciated.

Of course, if your title sare in a database, that's probably much easier to build an analog ALIAS list from that and much more likely to be accurate.

-- Jeremy Wadsack Seven Simple Machines

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