I just ran a quick test in analog 6.0 and REQALIAS appears to work correctly:

   ./analog -O- -C"OUTPUT COMPUTER" +C"REQALIAS /sample* /example*"

Produces the correct output (from the bundled, sample logfile):

   r       *f      20R     r
r lRbD 1 22 54.385 2000 01 04 13 11 /example.html r lRbD 1 20 40.466 2000 01 03 09 41 /example2.html r lRbD 1 4 5.148 2000 01 03 12 11 [not listed: 2]

What "links" do you mean? If you are referring to what items get converted to hyperlinks, then this is dependent on the Report Magic LinkInclude setting and unrelated to analog. See http://reportmagic.org/docs/advanced.html for an example of this setting.

Jeremy Wadsack
Seven Simple Machines

Shai Herman wrote:


I tried using REQALIAS and the links seem to get lost. I originally thought it was an Analog issue, but when I outputed to analog, the link was retained. It seems report magic is not retaining the links, but properly changing the name. Is there a way to retain the link?



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