> I'm running a website on Windows Server 2003 with IIS 6.0. I use analog and 
> report magic together and everything works. The only thing that botters me 
> is that I've got a lot of "failed requests". How does report magic get this 
> value out of the log (which section of the log). And more inportant how can 
> this be solved??

lang/en/rdata.ini has the following on failed requests:

The Failure Report identifies requests that were made to the server that
resulted in an error such as a '404 Document Not Found'.  These errors can
be caused by a mistyped URL or a broken link on a referring page.

So, get your users to not open broken URLs ;-)

If you include "FAILURE ON" in your ReportMagic config file, you'll get a
detailed report about which URLs caued the failed requests.

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