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I'm running a website on Windows Server 2003 with IIS 6.0. I use analog

and report magic together and everything works. The only thing that
botters me is that I've got a lot of "failed requests". How does report
magic get this value out of the log (which section of the log). And more
inportant how can this be solved??

If you include "FAILURE ON" in your ReportMagic config file, you'll get a
detailed report about which URLs caued the failed requests.

FAILURE ON in ReportMagic won't help much if you aren't generating a Failure Report in Analog in the first place. You need to put FAILURE ON in analog.cfg to get a report of the items that users asked for, that weren't on your server. Some of these will be files like robots.txt and favicon.ico that are often requested by browsers or search agents, and don't indicate a problem. Many more of them are likely to be attempts by worms to attck your server - your;re not being targetted directly, every web server gets loads of these.

And some of them will be people folloing "dead links" - links on pages on your server or someone elses server that point to pages or objects that no longer exist on your server. You can try to track these down by turning on the Failed Referrer Report - FAILREF ON. (Of course, that assumes that your server is logging referrers).

Just clarify, "FAILURE ON" (and "FAILREF ON") are commands that *only* work on the analog.cfg file. Report Magic will include all reports selected in analog. There is no equivalent command for the rmagic.ini file.

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