You can add a weekly report or daily report that tabulates requests, page requests, bytes, etc. by week or day by modifying the analog configuration to turn on the appropriate report:


            WEEKLY ON

            DAILYREP ON




If you want all the reports showing for a particular period of time you can set up a run of analog and Report Magic to do that. Analog has the FROM and TO commands to allow you to constrain the dates of the reports ( For performance you may get better results by also limiting the log files that analog is inspecting.




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Subject: [reportmagic-help] Enquiry about ReportMagic generation



I was just trialling the ReportMagic software and have found it very useful in it's speed, efficiency and accuracy. I would, however, like to enquire as to whether or not further configurations can be made so that:
- Weekly reports (for a given month, say) can be generated - or added as a selection in ReportMagic's navigation tree; and
- Statistics for a particular date (11th of October, for instance) can be elicited?

Would the aformentioned points just be modifications to the rmagic.ini file, the underlying analog software or changes to the core ReportMagic software?

Thank you all greatly for your help.


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