Hello - --  -


RM 2.21
Analog 6.0
W2K Server

I may be an idiot, but I don't understand file_in. When I run Analog,  
there is no .DAT file created or altered. The only files that are  
generated are several .png files, and, of course, report.html.

When I alter the Analog configuration file to "OUTFILE analog.dat"  
and point rmagic to that, I get an error:

"failed to open standard.ini: no such file or directory at rmagic.pl  
at line 230. Can't call method "Sections" on an undefined value at / 
PerlApp/wadg/re/settings.pm line 1125"

I get a similar error if I experiment and point to one of the .png  

Enough information? Please enlighten me, if possible.

Thank you,


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