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On Thu, 2003-11-06 at 11:51, Nicola Ken Barozzi wrote:

Jason van Zyl wrote:


Just to keep you informed that I made an initial attempt today to get a
Maven repository setup here for use by Apache projects that wish to use
The [EMAIL PROTECTED] community effort is progressing nicely, but we have not heard anything about this there.

This effort is simply for a Maven repository with the existing structure and format for projects at Apache using Maven that want to make artifacts available for use with Maven. This is an effort to satisfy the boards requirments that Apache artifacts be disseminated from Apache hardware.


I didn't even know about [EMAIL PROTECTED] until Peter Donald told me
about it a week ago.


I'm sorry you didn't know about it. Dion is on the list since it started IIRC, I thought that he would have told Mavenites about it. Should have checked.

I'd be glad to get involved with the effort but
this endeavour strictly relates to Maven and projects here which choose
to use Maven. It won't change anything that's going on with
[EMAIL PROTECTED] and as I have time I will participate in the effort.

Good, as over at [EMAIL PROTECTED] we have been discussing exactly along these lines. Furthermore the current Avalon setting is our discussion baseline, so it seems that your current work is pushing in the same direction even if we didn't know of each other's efforts.

Right now the emphasis is on Apache projects' artifacts being placed
within the Apache infrastructure for use with Maven and not being sent
directly to ibiblio.

I understand, and support it.

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