Erik Abele wrote:
On 06.11.2003, at 21:50, Leo Simons wrote:

yes it does; IIRC the repository project is currently a "president's committee" that
was charged with figuring out how to integrate jar files into the distribution layout.

Could you please elaborate further on this? I couldn't find any reference to
the repository list, neither in the board minutes nor in any of the foundation-relevant
archives, except the following message on on 01/03/2003:

Sam Ruby wrote:

I'm in a "just do it" kind of mood.

I just created a [EMAIL PROTECTED] mailing list. Noel is the initial moderator.

If/when there is an set up, I'll move the list to there.
(currently it is [EMAIL PROTECTED]).

If there is significant dissent, or the list falls into disuse, I'll simply delete the list.

- Sam Ruby

AFAIK this is exactly how it started.

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