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There is a discussion going on over at [EMAIL PROTECTED] about the creation of an Apache jar and artifact repository. The discussion is being constructive and is bringing in people from diverse efforts: Maven, Ruper, Greebo, [EMAIL PROTECTED], and others.

Ruper and Greebo developers have explicitly stated their intentions of working on an implementation of it, and Maven developers are starting to join now, but I'm sure some will like to join the coding effort too. In fact the Maven repository format has been the starting point of the discussion.

Here is the info about this effort:

While on the other list the discussion about the spec is progressing nicely, I'd like to start discussing about the Project effort, with the developers and code, as discussing without code gets futile fast.

* Who would like to Sponsor it? board? [EMAIL PROTECTED]
* Mentors?
* How to start?

This is a new kind of incubation that I'd like to try. It's not an established project that wants to come to Apache, rather an effort that wants to try and see if it can work, similar to Geronimo but coming mainly from Apache committers.

Hence I propose that the Incubator PMC decides to start incubating the project as "Repo", giving it:

 - dev list (just for code; spec discussions at [EMAIL PROTECTED])
 - site under incubator.apache.org/projects/repo to write down the spec
 - CVS module 'incubator-repo' open to all Apache committers that
   request it and to the initial external contributors.
   In the CVS module the developers can place their current codebases
   that they donate and we wait and see what happens.

Over at krysalis.org and here with Geronimo I have seen that when there is a bunch of people with the same itch and an open CVS space, things happen.

Shall we try it with Repo?

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