Jason van Zyl wrote:

On Sat, 2003-11-08 at 23:18, Stephen McConnell wrote:

Jason van Zyl wrote:

I have challenged you to give me a scenerio that I can't satisfy with
something like the current Maven repository. Instead you drone on ad
nauseum about the theoretical. Let's have a concrete example.


Look around you - take a look at things you involved with. I've already provided you with examples where the simplistic http over a maven style file system layout breaks.

Which one's were those so we can record them here?


I must confess that I am intrigued by your approach to collaboration!

Following your assertion that I am droning on ad nauseum about the theoretical - combined with your follow-up with a request for specifics, I am obliged to conlude that your post concerning nauseum was simply an incorrect assertion on you part, or, your post is intended to establish an entry in a drone catalogue for the benefit of other like minded persons.

While I appreciate that you are very busy working on initiative outside the scope and control of the ASF - I would *really* appreciate your guidance on this subject. Did you simply make a mistake, or are you intentions to propergate that mistake?



Stephen J. McConnell

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