Roy T. Fielding wrote:

It is about safe downloading of dependencies from a virtual
repository that extends across mirrored systems on a heterogeneous,
multi-organizational network. The underlying infrastructure is
going to be file based because it will be replicated with rsync.
I sure as hell don't want anything more complex than that at
the base level. Building interfaces on top of that is trivial
and not in the least impacted in terms of efficiency -- there are
no methods of storing large objects more efficient than a modern
filesystem. Start simple and layer on top of that.


I am completely aware of all of the above. What I asked was the question concerning scope relative to the ASF. The assumtions within the filesystem have a direct impact on the economics aspects and utility of deployment. Are you (representing the board) focussing on immediate or short term requirements?

 [ ] immediate
 [ ] short term

Which one it is ?



Stephen J. McConnell

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